How to write a great dissertation introduction

Are you about to write your dissertation introduction? Here are some tips to help you with your introduction. If you need your dissertation introduction written, edited or proofread then contact me today.

Top tips for writing your dissertation introduction

The introduction will receive close attention from your dissertation committee. Some experts have recommended

writing it at the end but because writing it will help get things clear in your mind in simpler language it is probably better to start with it. If you are following your proposal closely then make sure this is used in the preparation of the introduction.

A good formula for your introduction is to put the issue in context as concisely as possible. Answer the question: why do this study? Why now? Why here? Why me? State the aims of the study.

Chapter one is very important and is possibly best put together by following  a list of questions:

  • Is there a problem?
  • What is it?
  • Why does it need to be solved?
  • What is your hypothesis (hunch – if you have one)?
  • Who will benefit from your investigation?
  • In what sense will they benefit?
  • How will it contribute to what is already known?
  • How in general terms are you going to solve the problem, e.g., collect data, analyse data?
  • By what methods (no detail)? E.g., a qualitative case study approach.
  • What are the limitations of the study?

An important part of the introduction is where you state the dissertation objectives.  Also, don’t forget that this is a concise intro to the subject for your reader, to put the issue in context and explain why they should be interested in it. The background and history will be dealt with elsewhere.

Avoid using jargon in the introduction and keep your language a little more simple than in the following chapters. Also, don’t clutter up your introduction with citations, this should not be necessary as this is your summary of the study.

At the end of the introduction it is normal to explain what the reader can expect in the coming chapters and in what order. So here is where you set out the structure of the dissertation, chapter by chapter.

Good luck and if you need any further help to write your dissertation introduction whether it is writing, editing or proofreading then just contact me.