Resubmit dissertation: need Masters help?

Need to resubmit dissertation? Many students receive the bad news that they have failed their masters dissertation or coursework. Donโ€™t worry, I can fix that and make sure you pass when you resubmit. I will look at the feedback you got from the marker and carefully put things right. I have helped 100s of undergraduates and masters graduates with their re-submission with a 100% success rate. Whatever comments and feedback you have received I will address them.

It can be disheartening when you learn you have to resubmit your dissertation and difficult to motivate yourself. But whatever the comments you have recieved you can rest assured that they can be solved for a successful resubmission with a little professional help.

Resubmit with confidence after I have worked on your dissertation. Here are some of the things I regularly do for resubmissions:

  • Proofreading to take care of errors that lost you marks
  • Editing to make sure your paragraphs flow correctly
  • Ensuring that your arguments are strong and address the research question
  • Making sure your headings/ subheadings are correct and properly formatted
  • Adding more sources to your literature review if necessary
  • Checking your citations and referencing
  • Paraphrasing parts that are a problem on Turnitin
  • and of course reading and acting upon the feedback/ comments from original submission

It can be very disappointing to hear that your first submission has failed but for most there will be a second chance. Get professional help to take the risk out of your resubmission.

Each resubmission is slightly different, with differnt comments to address. So when you send the dissertation and comments through I will discuss them with you and give you a firm quote for the fees. The service is fast, reliable and 100% confidential. And you deal directly with the person working on your resubmission (no agency, no middlemen)!

Contact me today so I can make sure you pass next time.