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There are so many great careers awaiting suitably qualified business graduates and post-graduates but first, it is vital to pass your bachelors, masters or doctorate by submitting the best possible academic writing you can. Business proofreading can help.

By having your academic work professionally proofread you are ensuring that your knowledge, creativity and understanding of the business world can shine through. At just £11.95 per 1000 words, it is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Some of the best business students are international students whose first language is not English. For these students proofreading help is a must. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste!

Have your academic work proofread by one of the UKs most experienced academic proofreaders who is also a qualified English teacher and former businessman himself.  

We have recently completed proofreading work on the following subjects:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Business analytics
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Supply chain management
  • MBA
  • Marketing
  • Digital Solutions

The business proofreading service is fast, reliable and fully confidential. Here is what is included:

  • Correction of grammar
  • Correction of spelling and punctuation
  • Improvement of sentence flow
  • Correction of mistakes in citations
  • Improvement of vocabulary
  • Replacement of bad syntax
  • Light editing
  • Formatting of headings/ subheadings

Here are a few reasons to choose our proofreading service:

  • Fifteen years experience of business proofreading
  • Up-to-date knowledge of business terms and concepts
  • Personal one-to-one service (not an agency)
  • Communicate directly with the person working on your document
  • No VAT/ sales tax to add to your costs
  • Rapid turnaround possible
  • Tracking used so you can see all the amendments

Why not get in contact today to arrange your proofreading and make sure your written work doesn’t let you down!

Think you may need more than proofreading – we can also help with editing and academic writing support so contact us today!

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