Proofreading for international students: help is at hand.

Proofreading help for international students. One in five students studying in higher education in the UK are not UK citizens. This amounts to more than 400,000 international students. For most of these students English is not their first language and while they make their best efforts to improves their English skills this language problem can be a huge challenge especially for their written work. They really know their subject but how can they show this in their academic writing when they are still making a lot of errors and losing marks because of this?

There is an answer. Get your academic writing proofread or edited by a professional proofreader who has spent years helping students from all over the world.

But who should proofread your academic writing?

You could ask a friend who is a native English speaker but could you be sure they know what they are doing and will they do it in time for your deadline? Proofreading is a skill that takes years to become good at. It may be better to get the help of a professional with years of experience and a qualified English teacher.

If you use my service you can be assured that all the errors will be removed from your writing and you also know that you will get it back at the agreed time.

Here’s what the proofreading service for international students includes:

  • Correction of grammar
  • Correction of spelling and punctuation
  • Improvement of sentence flow
  • Correction of mistakes in citations
  • Improvement of  vocabulary
  • Replacement of bad syntax
  • Light editing
  • Formatting of headings/ subheadings

You will also get two copies returned one ‘clean’ file ready for submission and another one where you can see all the amendments and comments so you can see how to improve in the future. Urgent jobs are also no problem

All this for just £11.95 per 1000 words.

Get in contact with me today for proofreading help! You can email me here or you can call me on 07395 316057.

Editing and writing help also available.