Can I get help with my PhD research proposal?

Are you planning to submit a PhD research proposal? In an increasingly competitive world, a PhD can open many doors. A doctorate is a globally recognised and respected academic award that demonstrates you are able to contribute to the worldโ€™s knowledge in your chosen field. It is a long journey that starts with your research proposal.

Supervisors can only assist a limited number of PhD candidates, so they choose those applicants that have the best chance of success and they use the PhD research proposal to decide who this is.

Many people who want to achieve a PhD find it surprisingly difficult to translate their ideas into a written PhD proposal. If this is you, donโ€™t stress, I can help you with,

  • Identifying an interesting and important research problem
  • Devising research questions
  • Proposing the contributions
  • Writing a preliminary literature review
  • Explaining your proposed research design and methods
  • Planning a research schedule

I offer a personal one-to-one, confidential service to develop your PhD proposal and to make sure you get accepted. I have had a 100% acceptance rate over 15 years of providing this service. Whatever your field and wherever you are planning to study you can remove the risk of failure.

Of course, getting your proposal accepted is the first step. My service is available to you throughout your journey. I have helped many PhD candidates from proposal to viva and receiving their PhD certification. Remember this is a one-to-one personal and confidential service that I have offered now for 15 years. Not only do I help my clients with their writing and editing needs but also with their communication with their supervisor and can even prepare questions for your meetings.

Why not contact me today so we can discuss how I can help you with your PhD research proposal!