Paraphrase my literature review: Lit review paraphrasing help

As you have arrived here it may be that you are asking “Who can paraphrase my literature review?” Well, I can give you the lit review paraphrasing help you need for essays, dissertations and theses.

My clients often know what they want to cover in their literature review but cannot find their own words to explain what the sources are saying. It’s just too tempting to copy and paste from other people’s work. When you change a few words here and there you see that the turnitin percentage has barely changed. Effective paraphrasing truly is an art. It is a skill that not many people can master. If English is not your first language then paraphrasing is simply impossible.

My paraphrasing service offers a fast, low cost and effective solution. Here are some of the main features of the service.

  • Essays, dissertations and theses
  • Professional academic writer with nine years experience paraphrasing, editing and writing literature reviews
  • Guaranteed 100% confidential service
  • Undergraduate, Masters and PhD
  • Deadlines never missed
  • Direct contact with the person doing your paraphrasing (me)
  • Guaranteed to meet the agreed reduction in turnitin percentage
  • Urgent jobs possible

Successful paraphrasing is not achieved by changing a few words here and there. A skilled paraphraser like me will examine an entire paragraph to fully understand its meaning and will then reproduce this meaning with completely new high-quality writing. I have put a couple of examples below.

Paraphrasing example 1
Paraphrasing example 2

I can guarantee confidentiality because unlike many websites you may see, I do not send your work off to a third party – it is all between you and me! This is a completely personal service.

OK I want you to paraphrase my literature review – what next?

Whatever you need to be paraphrased just get in contact today and I will give you a quote. The price depends on 1.) The total number of words 2.) The current plagiarism percentage 3.) The percentage you want to reduce to 4.) The urgency. Send you documents through and include the Turnitin or Writecheck originality report if you have one. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. You can email them here..