Editing and proofreading support for dyslexic students

I understand the extra challenge that dyslexic students face when itโ€™s time to proofread and edit their academic work. It may be harder for you to locate those grammatical errors, missing punctuation and other inconsistencies that could prevent you from getting the result you deserve. So when it comes to offering editing and proofreading for dyslexic students I offer a low-cost, fast and reliable service.

My service is one-to-one and so you deal directly with the person working on your document. No agency, no middlemen and no sending your files to who knows where. Personal and 100% confidential. Also, because this is a personal service and not an agency there is no VAT to pay on top of your fee. This alone saves 20%! Fees from ยฃ11.95 per 1000 words.

The proofreading service includes:

  • Correction of grammar
  • Correction of spelling and punctuation
  • Improvement of sentence flow
  • Correction of mistakes in citations
  • Improvement of  vocabulary
  • Replacement of bad syntax
  • Light editing
  • Formatting of headings/ subheadings

The track changes feature in Microsoft Word will be used so that you can see all the improvements.

The editing service offers all the above, plus:

  • Restructuring paragraphs and ensuring paragraph flow
  • Reducing the number of words where needed
  • Clarifying meaning
  • Style and logic
  • Removing irrelevant material
  • Paragraph flow and organisation
  • Comments with suggestions and observations
  • Paraphrasing and rewriting of short fragments of matching text
  • Final pre-submission proofreading
  • Track changes option used in Microsoft Word so you can see all the improvements made.

Whether you need proofreading or more in-depth editing, you will receive my personal attention throughout, and I will always be available to answer your questions.

If you are looking for editing and proofreading for dyslexic students, why not contact me today so we can discuss how we can make the most of your hard work.