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Some writing requires more than just proofreading to bring it up to a high standard. This means document editing. Most students choose editing if they are worried about the standard of English they have written or simply to make sure they get the best possible mark. I have successfully edited hundreds of essays, coursework assignments, dissertations, theses, presentations, journal articles, reports, product brochures, and many more besides.

If you have had your coursework or dissertations returned with a low mark then use the service to bring your re-submission into line with your tutors comments. Compared to proofreading, if you select the editing service around twice as much time will be spent on it. Editing does not just remove all the errors on the surface but goes deeper to make sure your arguments address the essay/dissertation question. Useful comments are also provided with suggestions. Paragraphs are restructured where necessary and when you’ve used other sources they can be paraphrased.

My editing service includes the following:

  • Restructuring paragraphs and ensuring paragraph flow
  • Reducing the number of words where needed
  • Clarifying meaning
  • Style and logic
  • Removing irrelevant material
  • Paragraph flow and organisation
  • Comments with suggestions and observations
  • Paraphrasing and rewriting of short fragments of matching text
  • Final pre-submission proofreading
  • Track changes option used in Microsoft Word so you can see all the improvements made.

The standard editing fee is £19.95 per 1000 words. Unlike some others, no VAT is added to your fee, the price you are quoted is the price you pay.

If your paper contains significant amounts of matching text you will need to use our paraphrasing service specially designed to help students and researchers avoid plagiarism problems.

Get in contact with me today and let me know if you have any special instructions for your document editing. You can be assured of excellent personal service.

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