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PhD Supervisor – for when you need extra supervision help

Supervisors can be a great assistance when you are doing your Masters or PhD. But sometimes you’ll feel that you need a different style of help, someone you can contact about literally anything to do with your work, someone who can help you by editing and proofreading your work and even someone who can help you plan your next meeting with your university supervisor or help you write that important email. You may need the extra PhD supervision I offer.

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Help assignment dissertation
Nursing dissertation help: MSc masters, BSc degree

Do you need nursing dissertation help? The nursing dissertation is a major part of the MSc. Masters often with as many credits as two other courses combined. Rather than the relatively short 5000-word paper required for the BA/ BSc. dissertation a Masters dissertation ranges from 10,000 to 15,000 words. For nearly all nursing students this will be the longest paper they have written and maybe the longest they will ever write.

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How to write a findings chapter: Help writing findings

Your findings chapter is where you present the data and tell the reader what it all means. Some students and researchers think that to write a findings chapter for a qualitative study you just need to put in some examples from the data and join them together with a little analysis.  However, if you want the highest grade for your dissertation or a PhD thesis you don’t have to resubmit you will have to do better than that. This article aims to give you some valuable tips in completing a qualitative findings chapter.

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Writing an abstract for your thesis or dissertation: tips

Writing an abstract for your thesis or dissertation is a really important task despite it being so short. It is written once all the chapters are complete. It is presented at the beginning of the thesis, and it is likely to be the first substantive description of your work to be read by an external examiner. This is your opportunity to set expectations of what is to follow at the right level.

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Editing and proofreading support for dyslexic students

I understand the extra challenge that dyslexic students face when it’s time to proofread and edit their academic work. It may be harder for you to locate those grammatical errors, missing punctuation and other inconsistencies that could prevent you from getting the result you deserve. So when it comes to offering editing and proofreading for dyslexic students I offer a low-cost, fast and reliable service.

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Resubmit dissertation: need Masters help?

Need to resubmit dissertation? Many students receive the bad news that they have failed their masters dissertation or coursework. Don’t worry, I can fix that and make sure you pass when you resubmit. I will look at the feedback you got from the marker and carefully put things right. I have helped 100s of undergraduates and masters graduates with their re-submission with a 100% success rate. Whatever comments and feedback you have received I will address them.

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