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A Masters or a PhD is a great boost to your career prospects but it is not a journey you need to take alone. University supervisors can be a great assistance when you are doing your Masters or PhD. But sometimes youโ€™ll feel that you need a different style of help, someone you can contact about literally anything to do with your work, someone who can help you by editing and proofreading your work and even someone who can help you plan your next meeting with your university supervisor or help you write that important email. You may need the extra PhD supervision I offer.

I offer an expert supervisor service to Masters and PhD students to help get them successfully through their studies. International students find it especially useful as I am always there to help them with their written English (I am a qualified English teacher). I offer proofreading, editing, writing and desk research help as well as proposal writing and research design. I can even help you prepare for your presentation/ viva.

Whichever chapter you need help with and whatever your chosen area of research I can help you as I have help so many before over the last fifteen years.

Key points

  • Experienced PhD supervision โ€“ 100% success rate
  • Dozens of successful dissertations and theses completed
  • PhD writing level assured
  • Guaranteed 100% confidential
  • Long-term support throughout PhD from proposal to viva
  • Guidance, reviewing, research, writing, editing, proofreading
  • Lowest fees available (no VAT)

A Masters and especially a PhD doctorate is a long journey and my clients have found it extremely helpful to have some extra help they can call on whenever they need it. I’ll be with you on the journey from proposal to viva.

Why not get in contact so we can talk about your needs.

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