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Fifteen years providing low cost and reliable written English services to students, researchers, businesses and anyone else who needs their written English to really work for them.

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All professional services are offered on a fully confidential basis with your ownership of your written work fully respected.

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Your tasks are completed quickly and efficiently according to agreed deadlines.

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Low fees for the highest quality work. Example costs given here or contact for personalised quotation.

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Just a few examples of the great feedback my clients give...

Alex - Masters student

"I wish to thank you for all your quality work and professionalism. I submitted my dissertation and from my judgement it can score a high mark"

Nancy - PhD candidate

"I just read the file and it's amazing ...I'm starting to think you may just be a genuis!"

Olympia - Masters student

"I have recieved the comments from supervisor. She complimented the work and said it was very nicely done."

Shim - undergraduate student

"If you do not help me I couldn't proofread my work.thanks from the bottom of my heart."

Mohammed - Successful PhD candidate

"I passed my viva with minor corrections. I would like to thank you for your help durening my study."

Wael - Masters student

"My ideas were there but you organised and reworked them extremely well. I greatly appreciated the work you have done."

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Tips and info on your written English

Resubmit dissertation: need Masters help?

Need to resubmit dissertation? Many students receive the bad news that they have failed their masters dissertation or coursework. Don’t worry, I can fix that and make sure you pass when you resubmit. I will look at the feedback you got from the marker and carefully put things right. I have helped 100s of undergraduates and masters graduates with their re-submission with a 100% success rate. Whatever comments and feedback you have received I will address them.

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Expert PhD supervision and support

Many PhD candidates find they need extra support and expert PhD supervision to successfully complete their research, pass their viva and achieve their doctorate. I offer determined post-graduate researchers the kind of support and expert supervision they need to reach their goals. The service has been particularly useful for researchers whose first language is not English. You can read here what my clients have said about my service.

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How to Turn Your Thesis into Journal Articles

Are you planning to turn a thesis into journal articles? For many, the completion of a thesis (or dissertation as it is called in the U.S.) is the ultimate high point of their formal education. However, to be considered a member of the academic or scientific community you will need to consider becoming a published academic author. The two main types of publication are journals and conference papers.

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